ADR Certification Service

ADR Certification Services

What is the ADR Certificate?

In accordance with the ADR agreement, which is engaged in Hazardous activities, producers, storage, transport, packaging, loading and unloading operations of that business,

Also belonging to this company, all kinds of machinery, vehicles, determining the working conditions of operators and drivers, authority, responsibility and taken in that context, explaining obligations and certificate to the ADR Certificate / ADR is called Certificate of Conformity.

Products falling within the scope of dangerous substances in general, all kinds of flammable, are substances containing explosives and radioactive materials.

ADR Certificate Import Conditions

Need for any kind of public or private organizations to meet the requirements set forth in the relevant regulations for the receipt of valid ADR certificate and fulfillment of the conditions.
The conditions can vary according to the class involving dangerous substances and dangerous substances according to the class that takes place;


  •     Class action to be taken Hazardous Substances (gas, radioactive materials, gasoline)

  •     Transport conditions of eligibility (tanks, vehicles, etc.)

  •     Training of staff qualification

  •     Staff training

ADR after the execution of documents by the Ministry of Transport ministry also carried out in person or through the authorized institutions. still done by the institutions authorized by the ministry of audit to be conducted at regular intervals.

AG Environment, provides an effective consulting service for your ADR certification process. Our team of experts in all areas of your business you need a wide range useful as we are completing the quick and smooth your certification in accordance with the legislation process.

Our company, as long as all until it is delivered from the installation of Hazardous Substances According to the ADR provisions and the personnel involved;


  •     Education

  •     Applications

  •     Documentation

  •     Consultancy

Services will be ready as long as your business is prepared in a complete manner by our company.

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