ADR Training

ADR Training

ADR agreement, which is internationally recognized for the transport of dangerous goods by road, it has brought standards of enterprises, from production to storage, packaging has transformed from an activity that must be adhered to transportation.

Business, your employees recognize the ADR system and should not have more information on Hazardous Substances.

AG Environment, experienced staff and experience in the industry realizes ADR and Hazardous Materials Training for your employees with the knowledge and experience.

ADR Training;


  •     ADR and Hazardous Substances

  •     Information about regulations

  •     Duties and Responsibilities

  •     Classification of Hazardous Substances

  •     Vehicles and transport types, package types, approvals and packaging

  •     Labeling, packaging, marking and vehicle

  •     Transport documents

  •     Vehicle type approval

  •     Parties and Responsibilities,

  •     Freight and transport security-requirements, handling

  •     requirements and measures according to the characteristics of the payloads

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