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TMGD Hazardous Materials Safety Consulting Service / Services

According to the operations of businesses, net of fifty tons in a calendar year are taking place in the transport of hazardous substances and processes (50) and having a higher amount in transaction volume,
This sends dangerous substances, packages, loading, filling and emptying businesses,
Regardless of the amount of ADR / RID Chapter't transport category in the table of companies with zero,
engaged in the transport process with hazardous substances, the sender, package, businesses that operate as loads and filling,

They are obliged to at least one hazardous substance or hazardous material security to employment security adviser consultancy firm that received consulting services from Tmgd.

According to Tmgd Consulting Services businesses dealing with issues of human health, without harming other living beings and the environment, it aims to perform activities safely.

regulations regarding Tmgd our country has entered into force on 30.06.2015.

AG Environment, is a professional environmental consulting company authorized by the Ministry, it is a certified specialist staff with a list of dangerous substances security consultancy company providing services in Istanbul.

(Tmgd) Hazardous Materials Safety Consulting Firms Istanbul

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (Tmgd), according to the business or facility is in working order, the optimum operating under the obligation to provide the management and the work done safely by ensuring the use of tools.

Also Tmgd Consultant in business,


  •     The classification of dangerous substances and general packaging, preparation of tank and tank-container rules
  •     Marking, labeling, the installation of warning signs and the orange plates and transport documents preparation.
  •     Shipment method and send my limitations and work related to the transportation of passengers.
  •     Separation of hazardous materials and handling and stacking work.
  •     Limiting the amount of transported material and the amount of exemptions and prohibitions on mixed loading and measures work.
  •     cleaning or degassing prior to loading and unloading operations after the
  •     Documents to be kept in the vehicle, sailing and parking of vehicles in traffic rules.
  •     traffic regulations and restrictions on the transport of hazardous substances.
  •     Evacuation or interfering leakage that may occur during this process.
  •     requirements relating to transport equipment.
  •     Preparation of security plans for business relating to the transportation of hazardous materials.
  •     Hazardous materials sourced an accident, by informing about the causes and types of accident reporting of these accidents and be prepared for company annual reports.

Ag Environment Tmgd Consulting Services, your business is done in accordance with the legislation and international agreements. these services are as follows.

  •     The transport of dangerous goods (ADR / RID) monitoring compliance with the provisions of international treaties and agreements.
  •     Transportation of dangerous substances according to the provisions of the agreement relating to advise the company on the matter.
  •     To prepare the annual report on the transport of dangerous goods, to provide the relevant authority electronically.
  •     upon the identification of dangerous substances to determine compliance with international treaty obligations on related Situated on the substances to be carried.
  •     Businesses will use the tools in the transport of hazardous materials (purchasing, rental, etc.) advising.
  •     Transportation of hazardous materials, loading and unloading of equipment used to ensure compliance by identifying the relevant principles of control.
  •     closely followed all regulations, update and about the changes that were made to provide training for employees.
  •     Transportation of dangerous substances in loading or unloading process to create an emergency procedure to be applied during any kind of accident or situation, to take measures and provide the necessary exercises.
  •     As on the front of the relevant legislation as public and private, to ensure implementation of the requirements for the operation of a third party.
  •     for employees, enabling them to have knowledge about operational procedures and instructions, perform preparedness against possible risks.
  •     to create instructions for taking the documents and safety equipment should be in the vehicle during transport.
  •     ADR / RID Department to prepare a business plan indicated in security and ensure the implementation of the plan.
  •     about upcoming activities, training, supervision and control as to record all the work, keeping records request to submit a 5-year period.
  •     keep records for auditing.
  •     any danger occurring in business, managing the process until thoroughly negative disposed cases, inform all stages of the competent authority.
  •     of products conforming to the definition of hazardous substances should be marked in accordance with regulations, labeling, packaging and create instructions and procedures related to the installation.