ADR System Setup

What is ADR?

Hazardous substance that occurs as a result of the activities of the organization is an international treaty for the transport by road. ADR is the most important objective of any transport foreseen this dangerous substances in accordance with international standards in road transport is carried out in a safe manner.

ADR System Setup

the need for business activities are presented with appropriate special project work. AG Environment, all your business needs are identified, the relevant processes provide fast, accurate and efficient to perform. We apply this system to the business as a package with our experts in the field.

Ag Environment, ADR System Installation Services

  •     Manufacturing and production areas

  •     Raw material and product acceptance sections

  •     Determination of storage and other fields,

  •     Documentation and other legal obligations are carried out by our company.

Also of Hazardous Substances;

  •     Storage conditions

  •     Reclassifications

  •     Packaging and labeling provisions,

  •     Tanks and tank containers provisions,

  •     Mixed loading prohibition,

  •     Determining the exemption,

  •     Tools of the orange plates and identification plates must,

  •     identification of all necessary paperwork and other legal obligations during the transportation of the tools provided by our company on behalf of your business.

ADR ADR System Setup Package Services Scope of legislation since mandatory staff training 'is given by Ag Environmental Consulting.

  •     ADR Awareness Training

  •     Task Specific Training

  •     Installation Safety Training