Declaration of Soil Pollution


Soil Pollution Statement

reason for the lack of waste they generate for their business activities in the soil or groundwater pollution, a number of studies are carried out in the ministry control for stopping or reducing the negative impact on the environment and take the necessary measures.

These studies "Regulation on Soil Pollution Control and Contaminated Sites Point Source" has been presented to interested parties under the name of sanctions is required.

Regulations for the prevention of pollution effect The main purpose of soil contamination and to identify the high court is to act in a manner consistent with industry to prevent pollution, and sustainable development objectives. Governorates, Regulation shall be determined under contaminated sites and contamination risks, according to determine measures to be taken and ensure their implementation.

the prevention of soil pollution at source is essential.

Environment and Forest Ministry, the possible areas to be or where contamination is present, and the identification of sectors to be recorded, cleaning of contaminated soils and site and soil pollution studies for monitoring will follow the Declaration of work.

All kinds of waste and residues of business or industrial plant, which will damage the soil, Environmental Law and contrary to the standards and procedures specified in the relevant legislation directly and indirectly to the earth, it is prohibited from engaging in activities such as storing. Mixing contaminated soil with clean soil is prohibited.

Where hazardous materials are used, stored, generated by activities or the production of waste facilities, the disposal or recycling is done with plants, taking into account the likelihood of an accident, it should take measures to prevent soil contamination.

Ag Environment, on behalf of your business;

  •     Contaminated sites information system (KSBS) registration procedures
  •     Annual preliminary information form editing, renovation
  •     Pollution indicators parameters (KGP)
  •     The first stage assessment (BHR)
  •     Field sampling and analysis plan (SOAP) preparation
  •     Field preparation of preliminary information form
  •     Waste management
  •     The second stage of assessment (IBA)
  •     Pitch condition and risk assessment preliminary report
  •     Pitch condition and risk assessment final report
  •     Cleaning operations planning and evaluation report
  •     Cleaning activity implementation, monitoring and termination report
  •     risk assessment
  •     Risk management
  •     Discharge permits
  •     Emission permits

Ag Environment,of more than 5 years experience in the industry, it's your business partner with an experienced team of engineers. Our company has been authorized by the Ministry and the certificate of competency; your Field Sampling and Analysis Plan, Site Status and Risk Assessment front and your Final Report Removal Operations Planning and Evaluation Report and Removal Operations of the application process, all work by preparing Monitoring and Termination Reports are executed meticulously and complete.

all requested information to continue to operate your business without losing time, and the appropriate document in the desired format in the documentation process fulfills the regulations as quickly and completely.

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