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Ag Çevre Kurumsal




AG Group  Environmental Consulting started its activities in 2011, Professional is an environmental consulting company in Turkey. Enterprises, the Ministry of industrial plant environmental management services.


A special permit is subject to industry organizations, environmental permits and license, the EIA report, project presentation file and the temporary operating certificate, emission-discharge permits, occupational health and safety, waste management and hazardous materials security consulting services help businesses they need areas with its expert staff.


AG Environmental, regulations as well as all the efforts made on behalf of the environment based, as appropriate, in accordance with specified formats offers its customers complete. This study targeted in customer satisfaction based in the country become one of the leading environmental consulting firm and is to be moved to the international dimension of services.


Our company, with the vision of "for everything in the name of environment" started its activities continues today, skilled employees, industry information, knowledge and experience with practical, workable environmental solutions offers you.



1 General Manager
1 Executive Assistant
1 quality control specialist
5 environment expert engineers in the areas of your business plus values to add services.


AG Environmental Consulting Company located in Tuzla İstanbul Anatolian side.