Human Resources Training

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The Creation and Establishment of Human Resources Processes


The globalized economy is built on the principle of continuous improvement of national and international companies, almost all of them don't get the upper hand in an intensive competition environment. The most important element of winning competitive edge advanced skills gained will be able with human resources. Take advantage of in an efficient manner from this source, the employee with respect to the work required and you will be able to have enough hardware. The largest of all world countries trained manpower capital of an indisputable fact. Human resources staff, together with the execution of the functions of the active, happy and high motivation and performance, depending on the corporate culture within the enterprise, ensuring that it will be possible to get ahead of the competition.


  • Human Resources Planning and Business Analysis needs to be done
  • Creation of selection and placement Processes
  • Creation of training and Development Processes
  • Creation Of The Performance Management Processes
  • The Creation Of The Career Management Processes
  • Salary Management System
  • Study and creation of Jobs Legislation and Personnel Processes


Human Resource Management Consulting


Nowadays, the human development process in accordance with human needs and these needs are becoming increasingly diversified. İhtiyaçlardaki, on the one hand, the increase of the diversity of production leads to an increase in, while on the other hand, has increased the demand for quality goods and services. This ascending and sort of people to meet the needs of various sectors, producing goods and services to a large number of organizations have been established. The quest for high-quality goods and services, producing goods and services in the same industry, rapidly increasing the number of the organization that led to the situation that lead to the highest level competition in the competition environment has been compromised many of the Organization's existence.
The objectives of the companies performing and controlling activities and their lives must have a solid structure and procedure for. For this article, and of human resources, in a manner that will maximize the efficiency must be administered.


Human resources management consultancy in the field of services:


  • The creation of human resources planning, organizational schema
  • Realization analysis of needs in the field of human resources management
  • Job analysis and determination of Capabilities
  • Featured & Placement consultancy
  • The establishment of performance management System
  • Career management for Consulting and Coaching Services
  • Implementation of topic-oriented personnel evaluation test and reporting


Hr Management Processes


One of the biggest problems of the firms human resources system is false, incomplete, or the company is that it is not appropriate to the dynamics of structures. Human resources systems company has a very wide range of applications in the field. Structure as it grows can be complexsystems. This is in the past and may have an inadequate system that handles make. The entire system re-organization of the firm more competitive, market priorities, increased control of the market, and most importantly, it will be a structure that can provide continuity.


Creation Of The Performance Management Processes


Performance management; the firm running section and individuals to become more efficient. Required knowledge, skills, competences, the subject of study and development plans. Objectives, conditions, plans for the agreement and adhering to the performance plans to develop continuously under control. We as a company are rational application performance assessment results to be able to get their ball rolling that is best suited to scientific criteria we apply to companies created by improving the performance evaluation system.


Salary Management System Establishment


They are the employee's dependents free individuals for sustaining the lives of single source of income. In addition to the basic aims of the need for employees to be wages in respect of social respectability and social status symbol with meaning is a significant motivator and as a measure of the value of the employee to the employer in terms of their psychological meaning. In the establishment of an effective pricing system worked or it is unfortunate to talk about his achievements and motivation of employees.