Major Industrial Accidents

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Preventing Accidents and Reducing the effects of large Industrial


Major industrial accidents, enterprises or industrial plants resulting from uncontrolled developments during activities on-site or off-site adverse effects to the health of humans and the environment live, potentially dangerous substance caused a major emission, fire or explosion. Seveso disaster is one of the largest sample.


Activity in the areas of hazardous materials that engage in businesses, with large industrial accident prevention and possible accidents to humans and the environment is aimed at minimizing the losses.


Ministry of environment and urbanism, "regulation on the prevention of accidents and Reducing the effects of Large Industrial" businesses, and also within the context of high level, in order to ensure effective and continuous protection, have stated that the necessary measures be taken.


Ag Environmental, Regulation is specified all mandatory practices with expert team on behalf of your business. To prevent major accidents that may be in your workplace or at most minimal, it is necessary to limit;


  • All measures and applications
  • Documentation process factor
  • Special program packages and online notifications
  • The physical changes of a hazardous substance to declare attributes, and quantities
  • Process changes
  • Activity on the last export or transfer your
  • Quantitative risk assessment processes
  • The highest possible level of precaution
  • Major accident prevention policy paper operations


Services such as activities quickly and without a hitch in desired format in accordance with the regulation and provides the relevant authorities.


Security Report Services


Security report; Business or industrial plant environment, business activities and processes carried out in the scornful, the information security management system applied in the facility and is a document that contains commitments.


Business activities to continue or begin to prepare or this report to have to prepare.


Ag Environmental, Safety Report Preparation Services


  • Regulation and are prepared in accordance with the desired format.
  • All detailed information about the business.
  • In terms of transparent and accurate content and qualifications.
  • Supplementing with competent authorities and information, documents.
  • Update operations are made by us again.


If your business as a result of this service that took place in the name of security after the report found sufficient existing report report to the Ministry of environment, planning and provincial disaster and emergency Directorate.


Emergency Plan Services


The internal emergency plan


Security not in terms of the content of the report and the next stage of the qualification, to continue the activities of businesses or to start an internal emergency plan or have to prepare.


Business, 30 working days for the internal emergency plan on environment and urban development Ministry.


Ag Environment, internal emergency plan preparation services


  • In terms of content and proficiency preparation of emergency plans
  • Business information, document and contains all the details.
  • In accordance with the desired format and regulation complete.
  • If your business is carrying out on behalf of, emergency services unit, related to the Governor's Office, Directorate of operations management of industrial region organized industrial zone, such as exchanges of views with yetkli authorities.


External emergency plan


In accordance with the regulations of the internal emergency plan prepared by businesses with a major accident or a major accident as of the nature of the lead can be expected when an uncontrolled event occurs, this plan without delay.


In such a case the relevant provincial disaster and emergency Directorate, internal emergency plan is insufficient or inadequate in cases stipulated by could have built the external emergency plan without delay.


Fall within the scope of this regulation in relation to the upper-level organization, the provincial disaster and emergency Directorate, annex 4, Part 1 and part 3 of the information specified in article 13, with the requirement of not less than ten in the second paragraph of the specified communication taking into account an external emergency plan is prepared or ready.


Provincial disaster and emergency Directorate of external emergency plan or plans within six months. In this process, the competent authority can ask for all kinds of information and documents within the specified time is shared by enterprises.


Our company is interested in all phases of your emergency plan in professional consulting services. Related units and keep under control the process of with conversation, information, documents and documentation process, our experienced team fully manages on your behalf and we are your solution partner.


AG environmental, safety reports, emergency action plans prepared by the services of a professional consulting firm. Our services in neighboring provinces, including Istanbul.


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