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Emission Permit Services


Emissions, industrial and energy emitted into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of production facilities is, smoke, dust, gas and aerosol in the form of air pollutants.


Due to the nature of the work and human health and the environment when significant adverse effect on the establishment and operation of the planning stage for Emission of the Front must be imported and operating phase of emissions permits.


According to the Air Pollution Control Regulations and take control of the people and the environment of Emissions of air pollution of the receiving environment to protect from dangers arising; air pollution due to the resulting public and neighbourly relations around the negative effects and that have serious impacts to ensure that this shouldn't be subject to Emission of Permissions is required.


Ag environment company, it is necessary to establishment and operation of Facilities;


  • Emission Permit
  • Emission Permit File
  • Emission Measurement Report
  • Job delivery plan
  • Prior authorization and permissions
  • Conditional and partial references
  • Runoff from the resulting emission detection
  • Air pollution prevention inspection
  • Determination of fuel and raw materials, products, research and facilities
  • Transportation, storage and usage conditions


In accordance with the legislation on behalf of you and processing services such as specified by format and prepares and manages the entire process in accordance with. All correspondence, electronic communication with competent authorities and interviews meticulously performing on your behalf allows you to receive necessary permits and documents.


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