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Our Company, Related Lawsrelated to stringent environmental consulting Service, your business with professional team performs on your behalf.

Environmental Consulting Services


Ag Environment, TC. The Ministry of environment, planning, environmental management services, according to the environmental effects of the activities of business and industry organizations offering professional is an environmental consulting firm.


Environmental consulting, environmental impacts of the waste they create businesses with high levels of (air, soil and water) without damaging the ecological system, the protection of the health of living organisms, environmental value, and to eliminate or reduce any unfavorable effect for businesses should receive a mandatory service. This is to prevent environmental pollution studies, our future generations will need by incrementing the existence and quality of resources, social, economic, and physical conditions will help improve.


Ag Environment, businesses mainly in environmental consulting services in the neighboring provinces of İstanbul with its expert staff, as a complete and fast on your behalf. With over 5 years experience in the industry and in accordance with current legislation, knowledge in desired formats all correspondence and manages processes with environmental engineers and take a decision.


(TS 13573 Standards )


We offer our services to businesses of Environmental Management


  • When subjected to the control of the activities of the law, in accordance with the legislation and regulations, compliance control,
  • Been applied to the determination that the measures effectively taken
  • Waste management (hazardous waste management plan, an action plan on packaging waste,Packaging Code and Password, waste oil declaration form, hazardous waste Code and Password)
  • On-site audit programs
  • Employee training and incentive regulation studies
  • Document Formatlarında Change
  • Annual Internal Audits and Compliance Raporı (ELV ELV processing, Storage, Temporary PCBDecontamination, waste oil, Waste Vegetable Oil, the life cycle of end Tire)
  • Compliance articles
  • Out of scope and opinion articles
  • Temporary Activity, which has been taken
  • Project file preparation
  • Environmental permits and/or the validity of the license document and needs to be refreshed
  • Notification of expiry of the activity
  • The validity of the existing permits and license tracking
  • Exemption documents
  • Job delivery plan and undertaking
  • Consent documents
  • Emergency response plans
  • Transition processes


Environmental Permissions Obtaining


  • Emission Permit
  • Noise Control Permission
  • Waste Water Discharge Permit
  • Deep Sea Discharge Permit


Taking The Environmental License


1-Recovery License


  • Hazardous Waste
  • Non-Hazardous Waste
  • Waste Oil
  • Vegetable Waste Oil
  • Waste batteries and accumulators
  • Finished The Life Of The Tire
  • Packaging Waste


2-Disposal License


  • Waste incineration and Burning Together


3-Intermediate storage license


4-business license


5-Removal License


Our company is operating the facilities belonging to the business place starting their work Environment according to the permit or Licence according to the desired document, information, documents and permits retrieval of missing all of this process, immediately and scrupulously live by terminating activities lets your waste of time.


Ag Environmental Consulting Company, you can find everything on behalf of the environment is much stronger. Offers with competent authorities in verifying the interview and on-the-spot investigations were often smothered by the defensively strong represents customers, such as dynamic presence has a team.


Ag Environmental, Legislation Environmental Consulting Requirement Mandatory your business with the Expert Team Presents. Istanbul, Kocaeli, Izmit, Edirne, Tekirdag Environmental Consulting Service.


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