Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)


Realization of industrial enterprises and also the likely positive and negative impacts of the project on the environment can be used in determining, as determined by the Ministry.


The negative impacts of the project, especially the facility to prevent or minimize the extent of the harm to the environment.


The EIA report and applications, industrial activities of the economic and social value to businesses without the obstacle environment values, protects against economic policies.


EIA processes, new projects and developments that could potentially impact the environment permanent or temporary monitoring and auditing of suppliers, with the views of all parties, taking into account the concerns and suggestions.


Measures, determined the technology alternatives selected for the evaluation and monitoring of the implementation of the projects and the control of the Ministry, and while under the control of the Accredited Environmental Consulting Company.


EIA Regulations subject to the projects/activities


  • Industry
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Mining
  • Chemistry
  • Petrochemical
  • Medicines and waste
  • Agriculture
  • Forest
  • Water culture and food,
  • Infrastructure and coastal structures
  • Housing-residential


Ag Environmental Consulting, environmental impact assessment, environmental management system of active and widespread application and strengthening of the institutional structure for the required infrastructure, and oversees the work of the expert team.


Throughout the process and regulations for administrative, technical procedures and guidelines of the project construction, operation and monitoring of business post, controlling, electronic media to perform operations, such as end-to-end, all of the activities provides environmental consulting services professional for your business.


Our company, replaced by the properties of your project planned, its implications and the overall dimensions of the project that contains the prescribed measures and identifies;


  • Environmental Impact Assessment (Eia) Reference File
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (Eia) Report
  • Project Presentation File
  • EIA EIA Negative/Positive Junk/Required


The construction of the project for the period of monitoring and control in accordance with the report to help them work in a way that is set by the Ministry in the name of your business in formats.


Ag Environment, Preparing the EIA report and certificate of authority in the EIA, a professional Environmental Consulting Company.


Istanbul Asian side Tuzla, Pendik, Kartal, Kocaeli, Gebze, İzmit serves in industrial plants.


EIA report detailed Information and solutions for please feel free to contact us.


Environmental impact assessment (EIA) regulations within the scope of the project,


  •  "Environmental impact assessment environmental impact assessment is not Necessary" or "Positive" decision making and allow no incentive, check, unless the licence cannot be granted for investment project cannot and can not be tender.


  • "Environmental impact assessment environmental impact assessment is not Necessary" or "Positive" decision without the investment code of the established activities, environment initiated/15. item pursuant to the EIA Regulations (19. item (a)) stops as part of the UN. In this case, the Environment Act 20. item (e) in accordance with the administrative penalty is imposed.


  • The EIA Report or Project File if found to be committed in the case of Regulation 19. item (b) in accordance with (article 20 of the law of the environment (e), in accordance with) an administrative penalty is applied.


  • Subject to the provisions of the EIA Directive activities/projects "given the EIA is not required" Positive "or" EIA is required to begin operational decisions but not sufficient. In other words, decisions of the scope of the EIA Regulations permit and approval construe. Therefore, in accordance with the legislation in force in all relevant institutions and organizations receiving permission from, check, opinions and/or license are required.