Explosion Protection Document

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Ag Environment, the explosion protection document preparation service which is essential for your business should provide you with relevant laws.

What is the explosion protection document?

The European Union and the employers will be prepared according to the national legislation / prepared to "explosion protection document" contains the following information.

· Identification and evaluation of the risk of explosion

· Measures to be taken and taken Explosion

· Explosion regions

· Equipment will be used against the risk of explosion, warning and protection systems

· Responsibility and authority shares

Equipment that can be used in an explosive atmosphere environment determining step measures are also specified. The selection of equipment is made according to the blast site to be determined.

Which business and industry organizations should be prepared before the explosion protection document?

· Manufacturing of electrical machinery and equipment,

· Paint Process Made / Paintshop Containing Businesses

· Manufacturing of raw leather,

· Some Departments of battery manufacturing,

· Margarine, Olive Oil, and Other Oil Manufacturers.

· Paper Mills

· LPG and other petroleum products production, filling and distribution facilities,

· Mines,

· Producing Chemicals and / or warehouses Places,

· Chemical Analysis Laboratories,

· Paint and thinner packaging machinery,

· Flour, Sugar, Starch Factories,

· Aluminum, wood dust etc. Emerging Businesses.

Ag Environment provides explosion protection document on behalf of the company to service you with the professional team.