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According to Turkish legislation on environmental impact assessment (EIA) environment may be the effects of businesses and facilities likely to be prepared for the project, which is a part of the EIA report Presentation File, authorized by the Ministry are prepared by environmental consulting firms and related authority.
(EIA) Preparation of land, Businesses, subject to the regulations of the construction will create on the perimeter after the positive-negative effects are detected, to prevent or minimize negative impacts such as studies, which will take place in this file are prepared by our professional team.
Project Presentation File prepared by our company, offers the necessary documents to the authorities.


AG Environment, Project Files;


· Regulation in accordance with the format and content is rigorously specified.
· To see the contents of the file is accepted by the relevant authorities detailed feasibility studies.
· All of the information transfer with the competent units, correspondence and manages on behalf of your business process.
· This report has been written, required procedures, follow-up and monitoring of the activities.
AG Environment, sector information, knowledge and experience with the vision of the Environment we share with you All in the name of the thing. You can be our partner in our Environmental Consulting services. For further information and contact please feel free to contact us.
AG Environment, providing file services for project presentation is a professional environmental consulting company. Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bolu and Turkey Around Our Service.