Temporary Operating Certificate

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Starting your business without losing time to complete the activity.

Temporary Certificate Of Activity Services


Temporary Certificate Of Activity?
According to Turkish legislation on environmental impact assessment (EIA) in operation of enterprises, and also so that they can be given before the environmental permit and license document. Environmental permit and license process is to have authorized Environmental Consulting Companies, business documents and processes.

Ag Environment Company, in accordance with the desired information in the work of the provisional operating certificate, documents and reports on behalf of your business carefully. Expert staff and the industry's experience with a temporary certificate of activity with the success of the entire process by making your application completes.


Ag Environment, for Your Business
· Temporary operating certificate reference
· Permissions required
· All correspondence and negotiations with the competent units
· Consent documents
· Compliance articles
· Exempt articles


As with all operations by making your document as complete as soon as possible. Ag Environment Firm, on-site qualified employees to your business advantage.


You can be our partner in the field of Environmental Consultancy. For more information, please contact us.